Motion Series Bluetooth Helmet Audio System

The UCLEAR Motion Series is based on direct feedback from riders, dealers, and industry experts to be the most advanced, easiest to use, most durable, most portable, best sounding, longest lasting and weatherproof comm systems, ever.  It’s bleeding-edge tech made simple to use, then ruggedized.  With an industry-first motion sensor, you no longer need to press any buttons to perform simple functions such as pause/play, volume, etc. Enhance your rides with UCLEAR’s patented DynaMESH intercom, powerful music, or crystal clear phone calls on any trail, in any weather, on any helmet.


U-Safe U Safe Crash Sensor

The revolutionary USAFE uses an advanced accelerometer to detect and measure hard impacts.  If you are unresponsive, USAFE can alert your contacts of your situation and GPS location.  Requires a connected GPS enabled mobile device.

Dynamesh Dyna Mesh intercom network

DYNAMESH: The first ever mesh intercom network combined with Multi-Hop automatic switching.  DYNAMESH pairs with mesh and non-mesh units, and auto-reorganizes as group riders change positions.  This ensures stable and constant connections over the longest distances allowed by the FCC.

Buttonless Gesture Motion Control

Exclusive GESTURE CONTROL sends out a sensor beam from your MOTION unit allowing simple hand gestures to command the most common features such as volume and pause/restart music without touching the actual control unit.  Winter gloves?  No problem!

U-Command Voice Commands

UCommand: Control your Motion Series unit by natural voice connected through Apple Siri or Google Voice.  Speech engine accuracy constantly updates through the cloud.

U-Prompt Voice Prompts

UPrompt: Voice confirmations of user inputs.

U-Move U Move Motion Sensor

UMOVE: Exclusive motion sensor powers your Motion Series unit on and off.  Motion is on by the time you put on your helmet, and automatically shuts your Motion off if you forget.

E-Z EZ Button 1 Touch Pairing

1-touch access to most commonly used advanced features such as group intercom pairing, voice commands, or quick access to Apple Siri or Google Voice.  It’s E-Z!

U-Pair U Pair Universal Device Pairing

U-Pair allows universal device pairing to multiple Bluetooth devices at once.  Smart phones, smart watches, tablets, GPS, action cams, OEM systems, and competitors’ comm systems.

UClear ClearLink Clear link mobile app

Advanced features, preference settings, support, and our exclusive wireless firmware updates.  Music sharing, music + intercom overlay, noise cancellation settings, etc. Click the buttons below to download the App for your specific device.

Made for iPhone ClearLink
Made for Android ClearLink
Bluetooth 5.0



Bluetooth: V5.0 (BR/EDR/BLE), Class 1


Intercom Range: Up to 1.2 Km (0.75 mile) per person

Talk Time: Up to 18 hours

Standby Time: 400 hours

Operating Temp: -40°C (-40F°) to 60°C (140°F)

Charging Temp: 0°C (32°F) to 45°C (113°F)

Charging Time: 2.5 – 3 Hours

Controller Size: 72 x 44 x 26mm (2.8 x 1.7 x 1 inch)

CLEARLink Mobile App: Android 4.2 or later; Apple iOS 8 or later

Warranty: 2 years for control unit; 1 year for accessories


FEATURE AMP Go Motion 6 Motion Infinity
Group Intercom (Max Riders)46 Infinite ∞
Bluetooth 5.0
U-Safe Crash Sensor
Dyna Mesh Intercom Network
Buttonless Gesture Control
U-Command Voice Commands
U-Prompt Voice Prompts
U-Move Motion Sensor
"E-Z Button" 1-Touch Pairing
U-Pair Universal Device Pairing (Music, Phone, GPS, Crossbrand)
CLEARLink mobile app compatible
Pulse Pro 2.0 Speakers w/ MEMS Microphones
Boost 2.0 Speakers
Patent ABF Technology (Dual Microphone System)
DSP (Ambient Noise Suppression)
Adaptive Echo Cancellation
Music Sharing
USB-C Speaker/Charger Connection
Mini-USB Speaker/Charger Connection
US-Based Tech Support
MSRPSingle Kit - $119.95Single Kit - $214.95
Dual Kit - $384.95
Single Kit - $274.95
Dual Kit - $499.95