Boost 2.0 Speaker – Helmet Speaker Set For AMP and *HBC Series Bluetooth Headset


New replacement speakers compatible with all UCLEAR AMP controllers and most HBC series controllers. Outstanding sound and clean voice transmission from dual hidden mics, and excellent durability. Boost 2.0 offers built-in mics that install in seconds and function flawlessly in full face and modular style helmets, or snow/ski helmets with speaker pockets.


UCLEAR’s Boost 2.0 Helmet Speaker paired with the industry-exclusive concealed microphone provides top-of-the-line audio and voice clarity in an unobtrusive package. Designed for any full face and modular helmet, the NEW 40mm driver delivers powerful Hi-Fi audio with crisp, clean voice clarity for exceptional phone and intercom communication. Engineered for quality, the driver and microphone are integrated into a single housing for a simple, lightweight solution that can be installed in minutes without tools. Only compatible with HBC100 PLUS, HBC200’s, and all AMP models.

*NOT compatible with original HBC100, VYBE, or MOTION series communicators.  

Coming soon!

Boost 2.0 Speaker Features

Compatible with UCLEAR Digital HBC and AMP series systems. NOT compatible with the original HBC100(non-plus) and VYBE systems.

Patented boom-free design

Built in dual boomless microphone

High-fidelity audio

UCLEAR Digital mini-USB connection

40mm driver diameter

Included In the Box

(1) Boost 2.0 Speaker Set

(1) Speaker Installation Mount Set

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