*NEW* Motion HDX-V Bluetooth Helmet Audio System – Dual Kit


MOTION HDX-V delivers simple operation, incredible sound, and cutting-edge features. USAFE crash detection and SOS, reliable natural voice commands, weatherproofing, and long battery life are just the beginning. UCLEAR’s new HDX speakers deliver the truest, most powerful audio of any helmet speaker on the market, bar none (yes, they are that amazing). DynaMESH intercom keeps your group connected in any riding order while our music overlay automatically fades your music when you speak. MOTION HDX-V delivers communication, sound and safety at the highest levels available on the market today.






• NEW: Simple, reliable AI-driven natural voice commands: “hey UCLEAR/hey SIRI,
OK Google”

NEW: All new HDX high quality speakers that deliver studio quality audio for both intercom and music

• USAFE: Crash Sensor & SOS Contact Alert System

• DynaMESH Intercom offers unlimited group riders & range

• Intercom Distance: Up to 1.2Km (3/4 mile) per person

• Motion sensor auto On/Off

• Battery Life: Up to 18 hours average

• CLEARLink Mobile App & easy wireless firmware updates

• Music sharing, music/intercom overlay with auto fade, call conferencing,
and private vs group intercom toggling.

• Universal pairing compatibility

• Universal mounting to any style helmet

• Advanced ABF noise cancellation- fully user adjustable

• UCLEAR HDX ultra premium speakers with dual BOOMLESS MEMS mics

• Fully weather proofed design

• Bluetooth V5, Class 1

• Warranty: 2 yrs for controller; 1 yr for speakers & accessories


MOTION HDX-V Specifications

Bluetooth: V5.0 (BR/EDR/BLE), Class 1
Intercom Range: Up to 1.2 Km (0.75 mile) per person
Talk Time: Up to 18 hours
Standby Time: 400 hours
Operating Temp: -29°C (-20F°) to 60°C (140°F)
Charging Temp: 0°C (32°F) to 45°C (113°F)
Charging Time: 2.5 – 3 Hours
Controller Size: 72 x 44 x 26mm (2.8 x 1.7 x 1 inch)
CLEARLink Mobile App: Android 4.2 or later; Apple iOS 8 or later
Warranty*: 2 years for control unit; 1 year for accessories

*Please note that UCLEAR North America can only provide tech & warranty support for UCLEAR products (including Scorpion EXO-COM) which are purchased in North America. Customers who purchase UCLEAR products from outside North America should seek assistance from the dealer from which the items were purchased. UCLEAR recommends only purchasing UCLEAR products from dealers based within your home country of residence.


NEW: Simple, reliable AI-driven natural voice commands: “hey UCLEAR/hey SIRI,
OK Google”

All NEW HDX high quality speakers that deliver studio quality audio for both intercom and music

Industry first Mesh intercom with Multi-Hop for infinite rider pairing
Up to 1.2km (.75 mile) per person. Automatic rider reordering optimizes connection strength while maximizing communication distance.

Industry first crash detection & contact alert
USAFE advanced accelerometer detects hard impacts. If you are unresponsive, USAFE can alert emergency services and contacts your status and GPS location.

“EZ Button” pairing
Simple 1-touch group intercom pairing

Gesture Control
Buttonless control of most common commands with simple hand movements near the unit. Thick gloves? No problem!

Ruggedized and fully WEATHERPROOF

Audiophile? Incredible Hi-Def communication & music
Ultra premium Pulse Pro 2.0 speakers with dual BOOMLESS adjustable gain MEM’s mics, graphic equalizer, and incredible ABF noise cancellation.

CLEARLink Advanced Mobile App
Configuration, wireless firmware updates, adjustable preference settings

Advanced communication features
Control of Siri/Google Voice, media sharing, call conferencing, music/intercom overlay, voice call pick-up, MORE!

Only universal use helmet communicator
Any powersport helmet, any outdoor sports helmet, any workplace hardhat/helmet. Go from motorcycle to work, to skydiving, or skiing!

Need more? How about…
Built-in motion sensor on/off, up to 18hr battery life, and an industry-leading warranty? We could keep going…

Included In The Box

(2) MOTION HDX-V Controller Units

(2) HDX 47mm High Definition Speakers (base of speakers is 40mm to fit in helmet speaker pockets properly)

(2) USB-C to 3.5mm adapter with dual MEMS Microphones

(2) New-style Permanent Mount
(2) Classic Permanent Mount
(2) Temporary Mount
(2) USB-C Charging Cable
(1) Dual USB AC Wall Charger
(2) DC Car Charger
(2) Speaker Mounting Kit