HBC200 HD Force Bluetooth Helmet Audio System – Dual Kit

The HBC200 HD Force Bluetooth® Helmet Audio systems is designed for year round use. Complete with enough accessories to outfit two helmets, the HBC200 HD is the ultimate choice for the dedicated rider!

HBC 200 Product Information


The Uclear HBC200 HD Force is the premier bluetooth helmet audio system for the year round rider. The HBC200 HD Bluetooth® Controller ensures riders receive premium connectivity, and the kit is complete with two options to deliver stereo audio for most helmet styles. Supplied with a set of Long Earbuds designed for half helmet use, and a set of Pro Microphones for use in any ¾ or full-face helmets, both solutions feature our exclusive dual boom-free microphone for superior outgoing audio without any obstruction. The HBC 200HD includes our groundbreaking, full duplex intercom system designed to expand the reach, range, and quality of group communications (10+ Riders) by up to 700 meters (.43 miles) for each UCLEAR rider that joins the conversation. Voice-activated call pick up allows hands-free phone operation, and all our control units are water and temperature resistant. Ride with confidence no matter what season it is.

Note: Due to increased wind volume at higher speeds, voice-activated communication sound quality will be reduced in open face helmets.

Additional information

Weight 25.76 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in

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